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LIZ DREIER | I share my annual holiday newsletter

Liz Dreier
Liz Dreier

Dear Family and Friends:

The holiday season is upon us once again, and I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to share my yearly newsletter with all of you. So much has happened in 2021, I hardly know where to start.

The kids are all grown up and on their own, and we are so proud of their accomplishments! Our oldest, who has a master’s degree in Middle Eastern Rug Weaving, returned to the states recently from a two-year tour of Siberia. After casting about for a job that matched her education and skills, she settled on a position with the Southern and Northern Railroad company as a rail switcher.

Daughter No. 2 left her teaching job to pursue her passion for manicures. Now, she works as a consultant for Nails ‘R Us. Everything was going great until last week when she was overcome by glue fumes in one of the salons. The emergency room doctor assures us that her vision and hearing will return soon, but it may take a few months for her eyes to straighten themselves out.

Our youngest has gone and joined a Hare Krishna commune in West Virginia. We were surprised by this decision because the community is made up of vegetarians, and our daughter loves a good steak. The last I heard, she was feeding bananas to the cows and wandering around the grounds.

My husband was all set to retire, but when he realized that would mean he would have to spend more time with me, he changed his mind. He claims that he is swamped at the office, and now I see him only on weekends.

We were thrilled to hear from Aunt Josie that Uncle Bobo might get out of prison on Christmas Eve. Apparently, his was a case of mistaken identity. The guy who was supposed to testify against him at the racketeering trial couldn’t pick him out of a lineup and has decided to take a long vacation.

The cousins from West Virginia are thinking of coming up for our annual New Year’s Eve party as soon as they can find a crank to start the car.

My sister in Florida has finally settled into her mother-in-law apartment. To help her pass the time, her son bought her a Blackjack table. Once a week, a few of her retired friends join her for a game. Last month, she cleared enough to pay off my nephew’s mortgage. Next week, he’s bringing in a roulette wheel.

In case you think it’s all good news, let me tell you I haven’t heard from my younger sister after I refused to lend her money to start her new business as an Ohio River pearl diver. Her last business venture was raising mushrooms. I think she may have partaken of a few.

Hope to see you all in 2022 at the reunion at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Uncle Bobo knows a guy.

Happy Holidays!

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