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Census Bureau says 95.9 percent of Ohio has reponded

Data collection for the 2020 survey will end on Sept. 30.
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WASHINGTON — According to the United States Census 2020, almost 96 percent of Ohio households have been counted.

The Census Bureau says 70 percent of the state's housing units responded to the questionnaires sent out last winter.

Another 25.9 percent have been contacted for responses by enumerators for a total of 95.9 percent.

Data collection operations for the 2020 Census will end on Sept. 30.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, enumerators were sidelined until summer.

Pennsylvania has a response rate of 95.5 percent (68.7 percent from self-response and 26.8 percent from enumerators).

Overall, the U.S. response is 94.1 percent (66 percent from self-response and 28 percent from enumerators).

West Virginia leads the nation with a response rate of 99.7 percent. Alabama has the fewest responses (86.3 percent).