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DNA Professional Detailing finds permanent home in familiar location

Anthony Young started the business in 2012 after having worked for Youngstown City Councilman Julius Oliver at Kingly Xpress Hand Wash & Wax. In December 2020, Young moved his operation into the building formerly occupied by Oliver’s business.

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YOUNGSTOWN — DNA Professional Detailing, operated by Anthony Young, has been in business since 2012 but found a permanent home at 280 W. Front St. in December 2020.

The building was formerly occupied by Kingly Xpress Hand Wash & Wax, which is owned by city Councilman Julius Oliver, 1st Ward.

Oliver, who is subleasing the space to Young, is the reason Young initially went into the detailing business.

Young started at Kingly Xpress Hand Wash & Wax on Glenwood Avenue in 2008. Young said he and Oliver went to Chaney High School together.

“I was looking for a job, and Julius had his first place on Glenwood. I came by one day, and I saw that it was his business and I was proud of him. I wanted to get a job and work with him,” Young said. “I worked for him for a couple years. He made me manager probably in the first month or so, and then we got a couple of different locations. The last one I was in is the [location] I’m actually renting now.”

“I didn't see it as something I would take as far as I have,” he added.

After a few years of helping Oliver run the Kingly Xpress Hand Wash & Wax stores, Oliver told Mahoning Matters that he fired Young to encourage him to go out on his own and start his own business.

“I ended up firing him, like, ‘You got to go. You’re too good to really be held down by me and my company. You got to go do your own thing,’” Oliver said.

Young said he took the skills that he learned from Kingly Xpress Hand Wash & Wax and started DNA Professional Detailing in his driveway. In 2012, DNA Professional Detailing moved into its first storefront and filed for an LLC. Since then, Young has moved locations four times but plans to make his current location DNA Professional Detailing’s permanent home.

For Young, having DNA Professional Detailing end up at his last Kingly Xpress Hand Wash & Wax location has made the journey come full circle.

Young said renting the building came up in a conversation with Oliver when he was commissioned to paint Kingly Xpress Hand Wash & Wax’s Niles location. While Young was painting, Oliver offered to rent out the West Front Street location to him.

“I wasn’t even thinking about the building. I was asking [Oliver] if he knew of any buildings. … While I was painting the building in Niles, he told me about the building downtown.”

“He already knew I was looking for a place. He was like, ‘Man, if you want to get it, get it,” Young said.

“I was like, ‘Whoa!’ It's surreal. I thought I was daydreaming or something. I never thought I would go back to that building and it would be mine,” he added.

Oliver said although he transitioned his business to Niles, he didn’t want to leave his flagship store in Youngstown abandoned.

“Too many people [were] depending on me,” he said. “I was really torn because this is my mark on Youngstown. This is my mark on downtown Youngstown. This is kind of like where it got started.”

Oliver recalled the conversation he had with Young about finding a permanent location for DNA Professional Detailing. Oliver said in that moment, God touched his heart.

“[God] literally said to me, like, ‘This young man needs this opportunity.’ When I heard that, in my spirit it was like, ‘You know what, he [does] need this opportunity,’” Oliver said. “This will be a phenomenal location to finally get his name out there to have his flagship location. He was my best guy that I ever had.”

Oliver told Mahoning Matters that it’s a win-win situation, because he gets to be a property owner and Young can finally do business on a larger level.

Although they’re no longer in business together, Young and Oliver told Mahoning Matters that they continue to collaborate on detailing jobs.

“I got a big job — I couldn't do it all by myself. I called [Oliver] up and asked him [to help], because I know he has everything he needs, [and] I wouldn't have to supply him with anything.

He came in and made quite a few dollars [in those] couple [of] days, actually. So I was able to return a favor as far as the business goes,” Young said.

“There's no competition between us. He knows what I can do. I know he can do, and we're able to match each other's quality in the sense he can trust me to do one of his customers and know they're gonna be just as happy,” he added.

In Oliver’s opinion, collaboration among business is “what needs to be spread throughout the city.”

“In order for Youngstown to get to the point that it needs to get to, it’s going to take people who are already established giving other people opportunities,” he said. “I just hope that it echoes and goes throughout the entire city, and people can start helping each other given those opportunities.”

“If you can do good and I can do good, then we both do good, which makes the community a whole better place,” Oliver added.

DNA Professional Detailing offers a variety of services, including shampooing carpets, wet sanding, ceramic coating, engine cleaning, wheel polishing and more. Young said he sells multipurpose cleaner and disinfectant at the store as well, and is a licensed distributor of Conklin vehicle products.

According to Young, customers can customize their detailing experience through packages starting at $25. Packages are basic, silver, gold, platinum, super platinum, interior only and super interior.

For inquiries on what each package offers, Young said the best way to reach him is at, or call 330-787-2831.

DNA Professional Detailing is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Young plans to have an official grand opening sometime this summer.

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