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Ohio reporting 5,474 new COVID-19 cases; 317 new cases in the Valley

Statewide, there have been 10,057 confirmed and probable deaths, including 335 in Mahoning County; 299 in Trumbull; and 124 in Columbiana.
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COLUMBUS — According to the latest figures today from the Ohio Department of Health, the state is reporting 719,642 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, or COVID-19, to date — 5,474 more than reported Thursday, including 317 new cases in the Mahoning Valley.

Of the state’s total cases, about 41,164 are presumed to be active infections.

The weekly volume of virus testing statewide remains stagnant and diminished since late November. The average percent of positive tests, however, continues a downward trend, following a spike reported after the Christmas holiday.

So far this month, agencies statewide have administered an average 10,793 fewer tests per day than in December.


There have been 16,567 confirmed and probable cases to date in Mahoning County; 12,227 in Trumbull; and 6,971 in Columbiana. There have been 335 confirmed and probable deaths to date in Mahoning County; 299 in Trumbull; and 124 in Columbiana.

Since yesterday’s report, there have been 137 new cases in Mahoning County; 131 in Trumbull; and 49 in Columbiana.

Mahoning County's 335 COVID-19 deaths is the 8th-highest among all Ohio's 88 counties, according to the state's COVID-19 dashboard, which presents confirmed cases, hospitalizations and deaths in each county.

Mahoning County has the 11th-highest number of cumulative cases in the state; Trumbull has the 16th-highest; and Columbiana has the 28th-highest.

Ohio is also reporting 94,800 "probable cases” statewide, which is an expanded case definition provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Statewide, 42,807 people have been hospitalized to date, 6,328 of whom were placed in intensive care units. There have also been 9,030 confirmed deaths to date, along with another 1,027 “probable deaths”.


So far this month, 531,511 coronavirus tests have been administered in Ohio, an average of about 40,885 per day. A total of 1,602,026 tests were administered in December, an average of about 51,678 per day.

The seven-day moving average for positive tests was 12 percent on Wednesday. That’s below the average 15 percent reported the first week of January, but still four times higher than the average 3 percent reported in early October, which is the all-time low. That average percent peaked April 20 at 23.6 percent.

Statewide, 669,448 COVID-19 patients are presumed to have recovered from the virus. That includes 13,953 patients in Mahoning County; 10,404 in Trumbull; and 5,837 in Columbiana. That metric is measured as the number of COVID-19 patients whose symptoms reportedly began more than 21 days ago but who have not died.

As of Friday, 388,383 Ohioans have received their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, including 7,653 in Mahoning County, 4,655 in Trumbull and 2,685 in Columbiana. Statewide, that's an increase of 26,859 vaccinations from Thursday.

Below are key indicators and current 21-day trends of the virus' spread in Ohio, taken from the state's COVID-19 dashboard. To view a full-size version, click the icon in the upper-right: