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Ohio reports more than 10,000 new cases of COVID-19 in a single day; 637 new cases in the Valley

Statewide, there have been 6,274 confirmed and probable deaths, including 300 in Mahoning County; 147 in Trumbull; and 98 in Columbiana.
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COLUMBUS — According to the latest figures today from the Ohio Department of Health, the state is reporting 361,623 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, or COVID-19, to date — 10,319 more than reported Tuesday, including 637 new cases in the Mahoning Valley.

That's the second-highest daily total reported to date, though today's figures — as well as the previous days' totals  — are likely skewed by delayed reporting.

Since Friday, the dashboard has noted its data remains incomplete, as workers continue to review thousands of backlogged reports. Today's results also include positive test results previously delayed by technical issues related to lab reporting. "Please bear with us as we work through the surge in testing," the note reads.

Of the state’s total cases, nearly a third — about 113,608 — are presumed to be active infections. More than 40 percent the state's cumulative cases have been reported in the last 30 days, according to the state's COVID-19 dashboard.

The weekly volume of virus testing statewide has continued its trend of improving week to week. The average percent of positive tests, which rose sharply between late September and mid-November, appears to be reaching a plateau, though this metric may also be skewed by ODH's reporting delays.

So far this month, agencies statewide administered an average 12,517 more tests per day than in October.


There have been 7,530 confirmed and probable cases to date in Mahoning County; 5,584 in Trumbull; and 3,576 in Columbiana. There have been 300 confirmed and probable deaths to date in Mahoning County; 147 in Trumbull; and 98 in Columbiana.

Since yesterday’s report, there have been 254 new cases in Mahoning County; 279 in Trumbull; and 104 in Columbiana.

Mahoning County's 300 COVID-19 deaths is the 6th-highest among all Ohio's 88 counties, according to the state's COVID-19 dashboard, which presents confirmed cases, hospitalizations and deaths in each county.

Mahoning County has the 10th-highest number of cumulative cases in the state; Trumbull has the 16th-highest; and Columbiana has the 27th-highest. Mahoning County's total case ranking has remained steady throughout the course of the state's outbreak. In recent weeks, Columbiana's ranking has sunk while Trumbull County's ranking has risen.

Ohio is also reporting 21,120 "probable cases” statewide, which is an expanded case definition provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Statewide, 25,486 people have been hospitalized to date, 4,527 of whom were placed in intensive care units. There have also been 5,869 confirmed deaths to date, along with another 405 “probable deaths”.


So far this month, 1,249,057 coronavirus tests have been administered in Ohio, an average of about 54,307 per day. A total of 1,295,470 tests were administered in October, an average of about 41,789 per day.

The seven-day moving average for positive tests was 13.5 percent on Monday. That’s five times the average 2.7 percent reported on Sept. 24, which was the lowest since the pandemic began. That average percent peaked April 20 at 23.6 percent.

Statewide, 242,146 COVID-19 patients are presumed to have recovered from the virus. That includes 4,392 patients in Mahoning County; 3,010 in Trumbull; and 2,348 in Columbiana. That metric is measured as the number of COVID-19 patients whose symptoms reportedly began more than 21 days ago but who have not died.

Below are key indicators and current 21-day trends of the virus' spread in Ohio, taken from the state's COVID-19 dashboard. To view a full-size version, click the icon in the upper-right: