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PRIMARY ELECTION | Update: Key Trumbull County results with all precincts reporting

Incumbent Warren 1st Ward Councilman Larry Larson handily defeated challenger Amanda Powell-Herbert.
Voting 09222020
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WARREN — In Trumbull County’s Democratic city council races:

• Incumbent Warren 1st Ward Councilman Larry Larson handily defeated challenger Amanda Powell-Herbert. Larson on Tuesday earned 176 votes, or 74 percent, while Powell-Herbert earned 61 votes, or 26 percent.
• In Warren’s 2nd Ward race, challenger Andrew Herman held a six-vote lead over incumbent Alford Novak. Herman earned 118 votes, or 51 percent, while Novak earned 112 votes, or 49 percent.
• In Warren’s 5th Ward race, Ashley Miner defeated Pierson Butcher. Miner earned 135 votes, or 63 percent, while Butcher earned 78 votes, or 37 percent. Neither are incumbents.
• In Warren’s 6th Ward race, incumbent Cheryl Saffold also held a commanding lead over challenger Erica Royster. Saffold earned 181 votes, or 66 percent, compared to Royster’s 92 votes, or 34 percent.
• Niles’ three incumbent councilmembers held their Democratic nominations for the three at-large city council seats open in the November general election. Michael Lastic earned 538 votes, or 27 percent; Jimmy Julian earned 509 votes, or 26 percent; and 4th Ward incumbent councilman Albert Cantola Jr. earned 500 votes, or 25 percent. They edged out challenger Richard Hale, who earned 434 votes, or 22 percent.
• In Hubbard’s Democratic city council races, incumbent 2nd Ward councilmember Robin Zambrini defeated challenger Paul Toth, while 4th Ward challenger Cathy Cummings beat incumbent Michael Toda nearly five votes to one for the November Democratic nomination. Cummings on Tuesday earned 92 votes, or 79 percent, and Toda earned 24 votes, or 21 percent. Zambrini earned 109 votes, or 59 percent, while Toth earned 76 votes, or 41 percent.
• In Girard City Council’s only contested race, Democratic incumbent Thomas Grumley held off challenger Rashaan Dykes for the 4th Ward seat.
Grumley earned 72 votes, or 68 percent, while Dykes earned 34 votes, or 32 percent.