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Youngstown schools CEO shares update on vaccinations, return date

CEO Justin Jennings said during his monthly update that there is still no return date for in-person school. The district is focusing on coronavirus vaccinations and keeping people healthy.
CEO Justin Jennings 02112021
Youngstown City Schools CEO Justin Jennings during his district update on Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2021.

YOUNGSTOWN — Youngstown City Schools CEO Justin Jennings said the district continues to administer the coronavirus vaccine to employees but still has not determined a return date for in-person classes. 

“We don’t when it’s going to be but we’re going to focus on just getting everybody vaccinated and continue to keep people healthy,” Jennings said during his first monthly CEO update of 2021 Wednesday night. 

About 800 of 1,350 teachers and staff have received the coronavirus vaccine as of Wednesday, Jennings said. Teachers and staff who did not get vaccinated last week can schedule to get the vaccine from the district through Friday.

Jennings said employees were not required to receive the vaccine but the district wants to give all employees the opportunity to take the vaccine. 

“I don't have the right to tell anybody to do anything with their body that they don't feel comfortable with so I did not make it mandatory,” Jennings said. 

The Ohio Department of Health vaccination plans to focus on Ohioans who are age 65 and older and people with severe congenital, developmental or early-onset medical disorders. The goal is also to vaccinate adults who work in schools, with a goal to have in-person school by March 1.

The district received 1,100 doses of the Moderna vaccine for Youngstown City School employees. 

Denise Dick, director of communications and public relations for Youngstown City Schools, said the district has not determined what will be done with the leftover doses yet. The district will know the total number of doses leftover after vaccinations are completed on Friday. 

Youngstown City Schools will also provide the second dose for teachers and staff in the 28-day time period allotted. More information will be available to employees, Jennings said. 

Jennings also encouraged parents to join Parent YOU, the new parent engagement program through the district. 

The program encourages parents to participate in one of four Parent YOU pathways: 

  • Social-Emotional Learning/SEL/Health and Wellness
  • Literacy 
  • Diversity 
  • College and Career Awareness for English Learners Families

More information and to sign up is available on the district website