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Terrill Vidale expands horizons amid the pandemic

When the entertainment industry was ground to a halt by the pandemic, the Valley entrepreneur and 2Deep Entertainment owner took the opportunity to shift focus and expand his real estate business, 2Deep Estates. 

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CANFIELD — While the entertainment industry ground to a halt in the past year, 2Deep Entertainment owner Terrill Vidale took the opportunity to shift his focus and expand his real estate business, 2Deep Estates. 

Vidale originally gained fame in the entertainment industry through 2Deep Entertainment and as the former city of Youngstown events coordinator. 

Then came the  COVID-19 pandemic. 

“My core business is entertainment,” he told Mahoning Matters. “But when they said you could put no more than 10 people in a room, I knew that that was going to be a big problem for what I do. 

“When you can't do any social gatherings and my business is literally social gatherings ... I said, ‘OK, well, I need to figure out what I want to do,’” he added. 

Enter 2Deep Estates, which currently manages a variety of properties, including roughly 40 apartments, 15 condos and five commercial buildings.

“I knew entertainment was going to come back, but I just didn’t know when,” he added. “When the time comes, I want to be able to unplug myself and go back to doing what I do, but still be able to maintain the [real estate] portfolio.” 

In August 2020, Vidale moved his business headquarters from Youngstown to Canfield, where he lives. The newly established 2DE Centre is located at 23 Lisbon St. 

“I wanted to minimize my commute. Because I was commuting 20 minutes, 25 minutes a day,” he said. “I love Canfield. I love the vision, I love the direction they're going in … and they're growing like crazy.

 “I really think Canfield is on a trajectory for long-term success. So I'm happy to be a part [of it].” 

In 2021, Vidale plans to establish a three-phase real estate plan that he hopes will come to fruition in the next five years. 

He said he's well on his way.

“I just got 6 acres of land. [I have] commercial, residential, medical, industrial, office space. So I try to get something for everyone. [I have] condos; [I have] apartments. So it all depends on what someone wants, and that's kind of what my focus was,” he said. “If somebody calls and they have a need, I want to be able to fulfill that need.”

Vidale told Mahoning Matters that when it comes to business ventures, he considers himself like a bamboo tree, which can dwell below the ground for a few years unnoticed. 

“All of this [has been] going on below the surface that no one has seen. But then in six months, it grows 90 feet,” he said. 

As for 2Deep Entertainment, Vidale said he has some upcoming projects but could not disclose details. 

For Vidale, the COVID-19 pandemic has proved to him that everything happens for a reason. 

“Everyone went through a global pandemic. It affected every single person differently, but it still affected you somehow, some way some shape some form,” he said. “But it's just some of us reacted to it differently than others, and I really believe that's what’s setting a lot of people apart. 

“The pandemic happened; it's out of everyone's control. So now let's focus on what you can control … and that's what I did.”

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