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Youngstown musician's platform includes album, clothing line

David Vega's first studio album, “All Colors Will Agree in the Dark,” can be found on all streaming platforms, such as Apple Music, Spotify and iTunes.

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YOUNGSTOWN — David Vega, a 20-year-old musician, is using his platform to raise awareness and proceeds for national causes.

The city native has released his first studio album, “All Colors Will Agree in the Dark,” and a coinciding clothing collection. 

“All Colors Will Agree in the Dark” is a 13-song album featuring various genres such as rap, alternative rock, pop and indie rock.

“It’s really something for everybody, which kind of goes with the names, too, like all colors will agree in the dark, all genres agreeing with each other, coming together and making one complete sound album,” Vega said. 

On his website, Vega provides links and resources for voter registration and Black Lives Matter. 

Additionally, $2.50 of every order goes to The Black Artist Fund.

“[This is] really important to me because, as [an artist] myself, I know how much money it costs and how hard it is to get your name out there. So donating to this is really just helping people of color and all kinds of other people get a head start and get some money in order to start their career,” Vega said.

According to Vega, it’s important for him to use any influence he has to raise awareness for causes that are important to him. 

“I see people with these platforms, and they don't use it at all. I don't think they understand how much their influence can really go sometimes,” he said. “Educate yourself. We [have] an election coming up — we’ve got to make sure we vote.” 

Vega started making music on his computer two years ago with friends as a hobby before committing to music as a profession. Last September, Vega decided to take his craft to the next level and began to work with Nexus Sound Studio in Warren to create “All Colors Will Agree in the Dark.”

“At that time it wasn't really serious — it was just something we did. And as it went on and I started to improve and I took it seriously, and they were [still] just doing it for fun, I really decided I wanted to go on my own and just kind of create my own concepts,” he said. “I got it to the point where I think I kind of maxed out my capability of doing it at home.”

Vega is a sophomore fashion design major at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta but is taking the quarter off as a way to decompress during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Because of his interest in fashion and art, Vega said the seven-piece clothing collection holds more significance than just simply putting a logo on a T-shirt.

“With my first collection, I wanted to make sure it coincides with the album but also doesn't seem like it's merch, because I don't want someone to look at my stuff and be like, ‘This is straight-up merch. I don't listen to his music so I don't want to buy it.’ I want it to be more like, ’Oh I like this merch. It's dope. It makes me want to listen to the music,’” he said.

“All the concepts really go with each other, and it's not just the brand name on a shirt, which I have a couple of those, but those are just so if someone doesn't really understand everything they could just go more basic,” he added.

Vega told Mahoning Matters that although he is taking time off of school, his downtime is nonexistent with plans to release new music and clothes. 

“I'm planning to drop this second [clothing] collection sometime this month, and then I'm still working on music every day. Whether it just be searching for beats or coming up with ideas,” he said.

Now, Vega is putting effort toward collaborating with other local talent and said every bit of support and shares goes a long way. 

“[People] don't realize how contagious that love can be, and it just really means a lot. Even seeing how many more people are supporting [this album], compared to [my last] one, it's like this crazy. I really encourage people [to give] any local talent,  like artists or anything, [a chance].

“All Colors Will Agree in the Dark” can be found on all streaming platforms, such as Apple Music, Spotify and iTunes under “DVEG.”

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