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Spider-Man comic page debuting iconic villain sells for record price at Texas auction

The 1984 edition of Spider-Man featured the villain Venom for the first time.
The 1984 edition of Spider-Man featured the villain Venom for the first time. Heritage Auctions

One person paid an extraordinary price for a single page of a Spider-Man comic at a Texas auction.

The record bidding stopped at a whopping $3.36 million for the artwork in a 1984 edition of “Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars,” according to Texas-based Heritage Auctions.

Yes, all that for a single page of a comic book. Indeed, with great power comes great responsibility.

But fans of Spider-Man may recognize page 25 of volume 8 as the first time the hero dons the black Spidey-suit that leads to the creation of Venom, an iconic villain in the Marvel universe.

For those who frequent the movies instead of the comic pages, this black Spidey-suit was seen in the 2007 Spider-Man 3 film in addition to the comics, when Peter Parker has dark encounters with the black parasitic blob and becomes its first human host. Eddie Brock eventually becomes its second host and morphs into Venom, the fully realized villain.

The expensive page also features classic heroes like Captain America, Mr. Fantastic, the Hulk and Thor, but the real money-maker is the reveal of Spider-Man’s dark side, which will eventually become Venom.

The bidding began at $330,000 and concluded on Jan. 13, day one of the four-day Dallas-based auction.

The previous record for a single-page for an American comic was $657,250 for a page from a 1974 edition of “The Incredible Hulk” that teased the first glimpse of Wolverine, KTVT reported.

The buyers of the auction were not revealed, but one hopes the high bidder of this Spidey-page is happy with their new purchase.

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