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Zillow Gone Wild takes aim at Tampa Bay Bucs owner’s castle – which is listed for $8.9M

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Is it a mansion? Is it a castle? Is it a meticulously crafted resort that happens to be owned by the co-owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

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Well, it’s possible it’s “all of the above.”

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While the elaborate Florida digs owned by Darcie Glazer Kassewitz , one of the co-owners of the Tom Brady-led Bucs, has been on the market for a while now, its castle vibes haven’t fallen victim to a popular social media page that takes aim at quirky houses on the market.

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Until now, that is.

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Priced at $8.9 million (which is a mark down from its original $9.5 million listing price), the 10-bedroom, 13-bathroom house has bounced on and off the market for nearly a year and a half. The estate is hidden away in the high-end community of Avila, which allows for all the privacy a new owner can possibly desire.

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Along with a striking 28,893-square-foot main house, the property also has a 2,600-square-foot guesthouse.

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Main house features include:

While it’s strange that the home has managed to fly under the radar of Zillow Gone Wild for so long, fans have recently sunk their teeth into the estate.

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“This is a beautiful property, but it’s really meant to be a luxury resort, not very comfy as a home,” one person said. “Talk about conspicuous consumption.”

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“If Tom Brady hasn’t casually accidentally walked in the front door, I’m not interested,” another joked.

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“This is a house and not an ugly hotel?” one person asked. “If you say so.”

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“Finally, a castle I could actually live in!” another exclaimed.

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“Good thing it’s 8.95 million... because I’m not paying one penny over 9 million dollars for it,” someone said.

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“I’ll take the pool house, the rest is too much,” one person observed.

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“ONLY a 4-car garage???” another asked. “Phhhff - show me something else.”

And finally...

“Downton Florida, ya’ll.”

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According to Business Observer, Glazer Kassewitz is the daughter of Bucs owner Malcolm Glazer.

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