Did you buy these recalled electric scooters for Christmas? The handlebars can crack

A handlebar problem on an electric scooter might take users for a tumble, which is why Pacific Cycle recalled about 11,340 Schwinn Tone Electric Scooters.

The exact problem, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recall notice: “The e-scooter’s handlebar grips can loosen or crack, posing fall and injury hazards.”

The alert says Pacific Cycle knows of nine loosened or cracked handlebars, including one that caused a consumer to fall and suffer scrapes and bruises.

This covers all models of Schwinn Tone Electric Scooter, Tone 1, Tone 2 and Tone 3, which come in black and white.

Schwinn Tone 1 Electric Scooter_fitted.png
Schwinn Tone 1 Electric Scooter in white U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Schwinn Tone 2 Electric Scooter.png
Schwinn Tone 2 Electric Scooter in black U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Schwinn Tone 3 Electric Scooter.png
Schwinn Tone 3 Electric Scooter in white U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Pacific Cycle is offering only to send a free repair kit or repair the scooter after you send the scooter to Pacific. If you want a refund, you’ll need to ask the seller.

Contact Pacific at 877-564-2261, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Eastern time or via the recall section of Pacific’s website.

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