Gov. Mike DeWine signs sports betting legislation, 8 other bills into law

Gov. Mike DeWine
Gov. Mike DeWine (Vivien McClain Photography)

Gov. Mike DeWine on Wednesday signed a House bill to make sports betting legal in Ohio.

The governor also signed eight other bills into law. Here’s a look at the legislation:

House Bill 29

The sports gaming bill is the result of the work of conference committee Reps. Jay Edwards, Bill Seitz, Adam Miller and Sens. Kirk Schuring, Nathan Manning and Cecil Thomas. This bill will permit sports wagering in Ohio under the regulatory authority of the Ohio Casino Control Commission and the Ohio Lottery.

Senate Bill 58

Esther’s Law was sponsored by Sens. Nickie Antonio and Andrew Brenner. This bill permits a nursing home resident to install a camera in his or her room. The bill is named after Esther Piskor, the mother of Steve Piskor, a constituent of Antonio’s.

House Bill 122

This bill, sponsored by Reps. Mark Fraizer and Adam Holmes, permits doctors to conduct appointments via telehealth.

Senate Bill 217

This legislation is a technical corrections bill that will align current Bureau of Criminal Investigation practices with state law and narrows the exceptions for which BCI background checks can be released for long-term care job applicants. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Tim Schaffer.

Senate Bill 59

This bill, sponsored by Sen. Tim Schaffer, creates a prohibition on transferring or selling certain war relics to nonspecified groups or entities.

Senate Bill 157

This legislation creates protections for children who are born alive after a failed abortion attempt. The bill expands abortion manslaughter to include failing to take measures to preserve the health of a child born alive after an abortion, and creates a right of action for the affected mother to sue a person guilty of abortion manslaughter. The bill also creates new rules around ambulatory surgical facilities where abortions are attempting to be performed, in order to ensure the health and safety of a child when born alive after an abortion. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Terry Johnson.

Senate Bill 162

This legislation will give the BMV additional authority to pursue drivers who evade tolls on the Ohio Turnpike. It also provides the Ohio Turnpike Commission the ability to upgrade its toll collecting systems. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Bill Reineke.

Senate Bill 166

This bill, sponsored by Sen. Bill Reineke, will create the Career Success Grant Program. The program will provide financial incentives to participating employers for providing work-based learning experiences for students enrolled in career-technical programs. The legislation also provides for a tax credit for participating employers.

Senate Bill 102

This bill addresses work shortages in Ohio’s bar and restaurant industry through updates and revisions to Ohio liquor laws. Additionally, the legislation provides clarity for homebrewers and homebrewing conventions. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Kristina Roegner.

This story was originally published December 22, 2021 1:54 PM.

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