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Online tool helps Ohioans locate missing life insurance policies

The national search application provides Ohioans a more comprehensive search tool.
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COLUMBUS — The Ohio Department of Insurance has a new website to help Ohioans locate a deceased family member’s missing life insurance policy or annuity contract.

The Life Insurance Policy Locator is a user-friendly, free service operated by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and requires only basic information to get started. The Ohio Department of Insurance has been offering this service for more than 10 years but decided to transition to the national search application to provide Ohioans a more comprehensive search tool, according to a news release.

The locator can be found on the department’s website and here.  

“To date the department’s system has matched thousands of individuals with previously unclaimed beneficiary funds in excess of $11 million,” Jillian Froment, director of the Ohio Department of Insurance, said in the news release. “This search service provides a real benefit to Ohioans, simplifying what otherwise could be a cumbersome and lengthy process identifying potential beneficiary life insurance proceeds.”

Individuals who believe they are beneficiaries, executors or legal representatives of a deceased person may submit a search request. Insurance companies receive the requests, search their records and contact the individual directly only if a match is made, typically within 90 business days.

For more information, call the department at 800-686-1526.