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Thank you to our local news supporters

“I support journalism done well and Mahoning Matters is getting it right.”

Since the launch of Mahoning Matters in October 2019, local residents have reached out to let us know they support our efforts to provide useful news and information to the community. More than 125 community members and businesses have also pledged contributions in varied amounts to help ensure that we can continue to provide the news that matters most to our community.

The following people have allowed us to share their names as advocates of local journalism. We thank you, and all of your fellow advocates wishing to remain anonymous, for your support of the work we do each day.

Click here for more information or to pledge your support to Mahoning Matters today.

Our Supporters

Joe Danyi
Drs. Adam and Mary Beth Earnheardt
Tim and Diane Fitzpatrick
Thomas Trgovac
Pecchia Communications LLC
Tonya Taylor
Lori Faust
Tim Newell
Mary Sweetwood
Gary Sexton
Karen O'Malia
Robert Hagan
Garrett Hassay
Anthony Pesa
Ian Andrews
Rev. Lewis & Mrs. Dorothy Macklin
James Mangie
David Owen
CM Richeal
Samantha Phillips
Stuart Smith
Fritz Coombs
Mary Catherine Sanders
Janet Schueller
Maureen Mccarty
Martin Garchar
Jennifer Lyons
Solomon Kravitz
sue stricklin
Robin Schuler
Christine Silvestri
Casey Krell
Michael Gromada
Joe Lowry
Justin Wier
Patrick Files
Jim and Sue Krumpak
Karen Fry and James Hardy
Julie Westfall